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At Pearing we bring together the brightest minds in software engineering to solve your technical problems.

Here is our unique selling proposition: we deliver solutions first, and negotiate contracts second. If you have a technical problem that you need solved, and we think we have the skills and capability to deliver a solution to that problem we commence work under a shared risk reward model.

You will enjoy constant communications in the form of fast and continual release of solution prototypes. We continually ask you "does this prototype solve your problem?", until we prototype a solution which does solve your technical problem. Pearing delivers solutions.

Since our focus is on achieving a positive result, rather than risk mitigation, we deliver solutions that consistently realise greater returns, but do so with less resources, meaning we cost less.

If you insist on managing risk, our competitors are always at your disposal. If you want to eliminate risk, Pearing is your only true option.

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If we feel your problem is a good match for our teams' capabilities, we'll invite you to present your problem, and hear a variety of solutions pitched by our teams.